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My name is Jarriel Henderson. I am a product of Haynesville Louisiana, a small town in North Louisiana. I attribute my passion and love of learning to my mother. She took me to the library every chance she could to help foster my love of reading. As a child my first career choice was Aerospace Engineering (I know right!?!?!). I would often tell my mother that my brain was a computer at a young age. She would just laugh and once told me, to reach for the stars! Art has always been a strong passion of mine, I constantly made up stories and sketched as a release of boredom in my small town. As you can see, however you got here, I contribute much of my thought processes to my parents. I thank them, for taking me to the library every summer for the Pizza Hut BookIt Program, it changed my life!!


I have 5 years experience with Front End development. Programming in HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, Ruby, PHP all from a FED perspective. In my experience, the industry shifts quite fast with frameworks being adopted at a moments notice. I am a bit behind with learning the latest component based frameworks but at the moment, I am experimenting with ReactJS and ASP.NET. My focus at the moment is learning C#, ASP.NET Core, Xamarin and Unity3D/Vuforia this will be the goal for 2017. I know that Augmented / Virtuality Reality assisted by 360 cameras will be quite useful this year. I have already signed up for developer accounts with Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Roku, and Amazon and many more!!


I love to use Sketch App along with combining the exports with Zeplin for style guide, and importing sketch files into FramerJS for quick prototyping. I currently have a membership to UI8.net for all UX/UI templates. I take pride in my collection of black notebooks in which, I sketch ideas and refine my thoughts. My exploration of User Experience has led me to believe that designers will soon have the ability to prototype not just only with animations and subtle UI enhances but tools like Silver Flows will make it easier for communication with Developers by tapping into Core Mobile Hardware functionality "Making prototypes feel real by letting reviewers access mobile phone features such as Camera, Email, and SMS API's, this shall blend the world of Design and Code.


Please if you have any questions about my work, lets have a face to face chit chat!




When working at iGiveHere, I had to learn about charities and their processes. What was needed for charities to operate and how to gain donations. The more I learned about the organizations, the more I wanted to contribute something that would help individuals change their current situations and ultimately their lives. I wanted to show them just how I did it by learning to code and building my very own [Personal Learning Environment].

So I left my job to start a code school which would take a few people and offer a scholarship or two free of charge to members who were less fortunate. It was a trial run, because I obviously didn't know what I was doing initially but on September 24, 2014, I launched the Codex. I proceeded to put together slides from W3C, and created a closed Facebook Group.

Setting up Keynote Presentation from my iPad

I then proceeded to reach out to industry leaders within the DFW community to speak on how they got started, and what technologies they used to stay current within their respective careers. I introduced a plethora of resources and had students work in teams, along with presenting their work each week. Students had to network and attend local events within the city. The results were amazing, sadly I wasn't able to finish what I started, due to personal events. But lives were indeed changed, and for me that was the purpose of starting the codex.


I have two initiatives that I am strongly passionate about helping with this year. The DFW Homeless and the future which is our youth. I am joining two organizations this year to help in any way that I can to help foster a loving and educational community within DFW.


I love what Elisabeth Jordan is doing with The Human Impact, an organization that focuses on the lives and stories of those less fortunate and who have fallen on hard times. Through creativity and hard work, she's giving a voice to the unseen/unheard faces of DFW!

Elizabeth states: "Ultimately, this led me to a small neighborhood in the most impoverished area of Dallas, an area that 400 home-less men and women currently call "home." Since 2013, I -- and now a small team -- have been walking alongside many of these men in women, helping them move forward in their lives when they are ready."


Bold Idea is an education non-profit organization based in Dallas. Our mentor-based programs ensure students thrive in an increasingly technological world, where critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration are necessary for success. Students learn computer science and 21st century skills through hands-on computing projects. As a team and guided by volunteer mentors, students learn to develop an idea through multiple iterations of ideation, prototyping and testing. Finally, they present their projects to an outside panel of experts drawn from parents, team sponsors and the community.



Code is working on my machine locally, need to fine tune it before I push it to a branch :) !

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